Clearing your path to an injury and pain free future.


Do you have a niggling or reoccurring injury? Pain that won’t go away? Or looking to get back to full fitness and function following a strain, sprain or surgery. Restoring your body back to full function after an injury or post-surgery is vital and an essential part of achieving any health and fitness goal safely and effectively.

Pains, strains and sprains promoting acute or chronic injuries can stem from a number of different pathways within the body, including joint dysfunction, muscle imbalances, poor posture, nutritional deficiencies, inflammation, toxic overload and even a hormonal imbalance.

Functional Therapy will not only get you pain free, fully functional and back to full health/fitness in the fastest safest and most effective way possible. It will identify and address the underlying cause of your injury clearing your path to an injury and pain free future.