Educate, empower and inspire you to becoming your healthiest ideal. 


A Health Coaching Session is a one to one (60 or 90 minute) skype/phone coaching call. It is designed for people wanting to optimise their overall health and well-being and/or who are currently under the supervision of a primary health care professional, and following an existing plan, but would like some additional advice and input based on my unique perspective and holistic approach to optimal health. It is ideal for discussing and exploring various options to a situation you are already tackling under the supervision of your own, current, health professional or to guide you through your own personal transformation.



  • Conversation about your current health plan, strategies or protocols.

  • Ideas about additional strategies that might complement your current plan.

  • Questions that will help you think more thoroughly through the current approach to your desired health goals.

  • Ideas for new topics or questions you might want to bring up with your primary health care professional or new lab tests that may be appropriate for you.

  • Option to transition into my Deeply Nourished health coaching program which has been specifically designed to educate, empower and equip you with everything you need to take control and take action to optimise and live your life with an abundance of energy health and vitality.