Expert Knowledge, Guidance and Direction for
Optimal Health, Fitness and Performance.


The Virtual Training and Coaching Plan is a service that connects you with me no matter where in the world you are and enables you to have my expert knowledge, guidance, and direction for all your exercise and training goals via an online training app. I will design, map out and manage your personalised training plan to not only optimise your results and performance but also your experience and have you training smarter rather than harder!

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- INITIAL Consultation :

During the initial skype/phone consultation we will review and create your focus, set your goals and intentions and map out your journey. My uniquely designed goal, vision and intention setting process will have you creating your plan of action with crystal clear vision and understanding the "why" of "what".

- Personalised Exercise Design: 

You will receive a personalised and periodised functional exercise, mobility and training plans designed specifically for both your goals and needs. The key to optimal results and success is continued neural stimulus (for both body and brain health) which is one of the major reasons why your training programs need to be personal, progressive and continually tweaked for optimal results.

- Monthly 1:1 Review:

During your monthly 30-45 minute consultation we will review your progress, design and implement your new training plan, and discuss any queries you may have.

- Video Design:

Your personalised training plan will include video instruction (each and every exercise in your program is accompanied with video instruction for optimal performance, which is accessible from your mobile device allowing you access at all times) specifically for your environment (gym, home, park or hotel when on the road).


The KH Holistic Health App is downloadable to your smart phone for convenient access to your training plan no matter where you are in the world and/or your environment.