Hi, my name is Karl Hughan and I’m an Integrative and certified functional medicine practitioner, holistic health, fitness and performance consultant and wellness speaker.  


I have been interested in health and wellbeing since I was a kid, and vividly remember my first experience of a hospital when I was visiting a family friend with my mum. This experience completely opened my eyes and installed a strong feeling that this was definitely not a place I wanted to spend any of my time and was the spark that lit my flame and fuels my passion for optimal health and wellbeing. I also remember one of my high school rugby coaches addressing the importance of nutrition for optimal performance and recovery and I really loved the way I felt, performed and recovered when I ate healthy nourishing food. 

My passion and interest in health and wellbeing led me to a bachelor’s degree in sport and exercise science which I graduated with in 2004. This wet my appetite and further fueled my passion which led me to exploring, researching and studying various other health and wellness modalities including applied functional science of movement, exercise and injury rehabilitation, holistic nutrition, eastern medicine, meditation, yoga, functional medicine, energy healing, human behavior and the world of quantum physics.  


In 2005 I decided to leave NZ to travel the world and learn from some of the world’s leading experts in the holistic health field. After spending 2 years in Sydney, Australia I continued on to the UK and spent 8 years in London, UK before returning to Sydney.

I have complemented my study in sport and exercise science and holistic nutrition with a thorough education in functional medicine. I graduated from the Functional Medicine University in 2013 and am a registered member of the Australasian Integrative Medicine Association. I have a private practice in Sydney, Australia and consult with clients both locally and internationally in person or via skype/telephone.


My purpose and passion is to clear your path
to optimal health by educating, empowering, inspiring and guiding you to evolve to become your happiest, healthiest and highest ideal in all areas and
levels of your life.  


Personalised, practical and evidence based advice. Clear your path to optimal health and get the right health solutions for you.


With over 16 years’ experience consulting with clients internationally in the health, wellness and fitness industry Karl cuts through the fads and hype that create a lot of the confusion with up to date research and simple practical and personalised advice. His commitment to providing a fully integrated complete holistic health service means clients make rapid progress with results far superior to a one dimensional conventional approach and enjoy their own personal journey towards optimal health and wellbeing. Karl strongly believes that only by tailoring a health plan to the specific requirements of an individual will you achieve optimum results. He believes that optimal health comes from within; the outer is simply a reflection of the inner and building upon the internal foundations of health will naturally result in the external form becoming a radiance of energy, health and vitality. Karl’s experience and expertise puts him at the forefront and is one of the country’s most complete health experts.