Healthy people. Thriving business.


With over 16 years’ experience coaching CEO’s, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs to optimal health and performance, I have witnessed firsthand the difference a healthy corporate environment can make and the dramatic impact it can have across all levels of an organisation.

In some of the most successful companies, leaders at all levels recognize the inextricable link between employee health and wellbeing and workforce effectiveness and productivity.

The economic landscape of the past five years has proven to be a difficult one to navigate from both an employer and employee perspective. Many sectors have undergone significant change in response to market conditions creating uncertainty and increased levels of stress with employees.

With the corporate business environment being one of constant and relentless change and pressure, a high level of performance is not only essential but also expected from executives and employees day in day out. And with the desire to drive increased efficiency an ‘always on’ mentality has developed, and now become the “norm” severely challenging the paradigm of work/life balance. The importance of an organisation’s health and wellbeing cannot be underestimated and is absolutely essential to operating an effective, successful, sustainable and thriving organisation.  


Why wellbeing?

Creating a culture within your organisation that embraces health oriented behaviours creates a solid foundation and provides the fuel that drives productivity and sustainability.

Healthy Individuals = Higher Productivity

Healthy Individuals = Lower Absentee Rate

Healthy Organisation = Higher Retention Rates

Healthy Organisation = Employer of Choice

Healthy Organisation = Lower Cost Base

Healthy Organisation = Culture & Engagement

Healthy Organisation = Optimised Performance

Did you know?

  • Healthy employees are up to 3 times more productive than their unhealthy colleagues.

  • Healthy employees take up to 9 times less sick leave than their unhealthy colleagues.

  • Self-rated performance of a healthy worker is 8.5/10 versus 3.7/10 for an unhealthy worker

  • Productivity gains of up to 15-20% can be achieved by upgrading your workplace environment

  • An effective wellbeing program can provide a return on investment of 3:1.

  • Most employee surveys will suggest that lifestyle will often be a bigger motivator than salary


The health of the Australian workforce is in a steady decline, with a study by Medibank finding approximately 40% - 50% of Australians have multiple health risks including, being overweight, none or minimal regular exercise, high stress and poor stress management skills, poor nutrition and lack of sleep.

Chronic conditions such as Type 2 Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease which are now referred to as lifestyle diseases and mostly preventable make up more than 70% of Australia’s disease burden and have been identified as the prime cause of lost work time.

By educating, empowering and inspiring your employees to optimise their health, not only are you creating a healthier more inspired and productive work environment you are optimising the health of your business and your business' performance as a direct result.

As a provider of Wellness Programs to multinational companies as well as smaller businesses my Optimise Wellness Program recognises that one size has never, and will never fit all. Optimise is a unique multi phase approach tailored to your company and specifically designed to literally “optimise” your company’s health, wellbeing and performance by educating, empowering and inspiring your companies underlying foundations - you and your employees.