Changing how you move, how you look and how you feel.


With over 16 years of Personal Training experience and extensive involvement in the health, fitness and wellness industry my methods and expertise are well sought after internationally. 

I specialise in creating lean, fit and functional bodies and I am an expert in Fat Loss and Toning, Lean Muscle Building, Functional Corrective Exercise, Injury Rehabilitation and Performance and Natural Movement. My list of clients include, busy executives, celebrities, models, athletes, the elderly, pre and post natal mums and everyday people wishing to improve their overall health and their quality of life. For those who want to see tangible results my bespoke training programs and total approach to health and fitness stand-alone no matter what your health or fitness goals.

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I strongly believe that tailoring a training program to the unique requirements of each client is essential for optimal results. Before commencing any form of training program, I take each client through their uniquely designed functional movement and postural assessment developing a thorough and complete understanding of how you are moving, functioning and performing. I then use the information gathered in these assessments to optimise and completely personalise your unique training plan specifically designed to get you optimal results in the safest and quickest time possible.